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7th July 2006

12:28pm: Yo
So, I spent the last year in Kansas City. Got my masters degree there. Now I'm in Chicago and I'm loving it.

13th December 2005

6:43am: Crazies
Okay, so school is basically over with. Thank Jesus. Today before my final, this girl in my class turns to me out of no where and goes "You know, you could be a GAP model or something." I was like "Sexy." So that was hot. STD rates in NYC are crazy. Sure they may be below the percentages in San Francisco for some major infections, however, all these new strains of STDs are only found in NYC. That's scary. NYC's not really for me.
Current Mood: bored

26th November 2005

7:25pm: I'm a Winner
Soon I'll be moving,
To the perfect city.
With two perfect puppies,
And one perfect kitty.

Chicago is only a step away. Everything in KC is working out stupendously. Except for the relationship I moved here to maintain. But, one thing at a time. School is settled. Getting my MA in a year. Getting out of here by August. Then going straight to Chicago. Jump on it.
Current Mood: enthralled

1st May 2005

7:04pm: A Disasterous Night in Daytona Beach - Victims of Crime
To whom it may concern (which is every citizen of this city, state, nation, and world),

On the evening of Friday, April 29th, my best friend and I decided to take a trip to Daytona Beach. Despite being broke college students and rising gas prices, we thought the trip from Orlando to Daytona Beach would be worth it. We wanted to see what Daytona Beach had to offer. We picked-up our mutual friend and headed out for a night of fun and excitement; and fun and excitement we had. We drove around for 30 minutes looking for "Rumors" on Nova Road, a small bar we weren't sure we should enter. But we did and it was one of the best and most memorable experiences of our queer lives. Everyone was so friendly, like a large family. It was an atmosphere unlike any place here in Orlando, or any city I have ever been to. The performers were amazing. We were surprised, impressed, and extremely happy.
After a few hours and claiming "Rumors" as our new Friday hang-out, we decided to check out "Groove Lounge" on Beach Drive to see how that was. Although it was empty and deserted, we stayed for a drink. The manager asked us if we were from out of town and told us what days were best to come. The DJ played any song we wanted and the three of us danced the night away by ourselves; making the night only more spectacular and wonderful. When the bar closed, we decided to check out the beach and maybe get a bite to eat.
We went to the beach. It was a beautiful night. The ocean breeze was strong and refreshing. The moon was absolutely amazing; looking as though it was cut perfectly in half. We took of our shoes, let our toes sink in the sand, and started walking around and talking about how wonderful life was. It was soon after that the night and our lives would be changed forever. Right in front of the pier, in one of the most well-lit areas of the beach, we walked past a group of about eight teenagers. We didn't think anything of it and almost said hi, until moments later, they approached us.
Three of them versus the three of us. They asked if we had change for a twenty-dollar bill. We didn't, as we left all of our belongings in the car. One of the males (I believe his name was Hank, as said by a girl who was screaming at him later on as the sequence of events unfolded) got closer and closer. Before I knew it, his hands were in my pockets. He was feeling them out for money and feeling on me in the process, while I was incessantly ordering him to stop, assuring him I had nothing. We tried to get onto the pavement so we could run out into the street, but as we got closer to the street the rest of the group, which had sat watching from some nearby steps (with a head count of at least five), approached us. By this time, their hands were in my friend's pockets. They found fifteen-dollars. He tried to get away. They punched him in the jaw. Another kid ran up to him, with the most evil look I have ever seen in my life, and kicked my friend in the ribs.
Helpless and useless, we could only stand back and watch in horror as our friend got beaten. We were out-numbered. We couldn’t fight back as Hank told us, "Don't fight with the robber or you'll get shot." A girl they were with was our only hope (as in today's sexist and homophobic world, us oppressed queers can usually only rely on the oppressed sex for support and understanding). We looked at her with tears in our eyes and asked her to get them to stop. She screamed at him and said, "I can't believe I am with them" (as though us getting mugged had more to do with her, than with us, as my friend was getting beaten). But other than that, she did nothing. She didn't physically try to get her friends off of my friend. She with some of the other members of the group, walked away.
When they all walked away, we were shaken. We got our friend, helped him up, and inspected the damage they had done. Then Hank had returned. Asking my best friend if he had anything. He replied, "No. You can take my shoes." But Hank just walked away, with the girl screaming at him from 25 feet away to "C'mon" and asking to leave us alone. They were finally gone and we were alone.
Our friend's face was becoming more and more swollen, his ribs (although not broken) were red and hurt the most, and he suffered from some scrapes from the pavement as he was jumped and fell to the ground. There were no cops around. No witnesses. We couldn't do anything. With cautious haste, we walked back to the car. On the way we saw a pizza restaurant open, and knew our friend needed to get some ice on his face as soon as possible (even though we just wanted to leave as soon as we could).
I walked in, waited in line, and when I got to the counter I told the cashier we had just got mugged and my friend got beaten, that we needed a cup of ice for his face. As teenagers sitting in the corner stared and called me "faggot," the cashier laughed at me and said, "Well this is Daytona." My un-changing grim stare, the worst look I had ever given anyone in my life, made him realize he was being inappropriate. Then he proceeded to tell me, "Well I am going to have to charge you fifty-cents." I replied, "Are you joking? I just got mugged, I don't have any money." Meanwhile, the customers in line listening to the conversation failed to offer me two quarters or five dimes. I continued to stare at him, infuriated with humanity, and after taking a minute to think, he told me to wait and gave me a cup of ice (even though he spilt half of it). I ran out to my friends, who were too frightened to come in, and we walked back to the safety of our car.
We thought about what had happened. Although homophobic verbal abuse is commonly accepted and condoned in our society and familiar to us all, none of us have ever experienced the violence of homophobia. Donning pink shirts, we were obviously not jumped for our fifteen dollars. I saw hatred in one of the kid's eyes that I had never seen in my life as he was trying to prove his masculinity. They were out to get us, not our money. They had nicer clothes than we did. The money was simply the excuse.
We were completely shaken at the possibility that it could have been worse and counted our blessings for it not being anything more than what it was. But by no means was it something we could forget. As my friend's face continued to swell, I thought about how some of the citizens of Daytona Beach treated us. How no one would help us. As if we were any different than them. I though about how helpless we were. We were victims of a hate crime. I was infuriated, but instead of lashing out on other people, I came home to rely on my writing and other people (those reading this letter) for justice.
I want to know what are you going to do about homophobia and violence in Daytona Beach? I want to know what are you going to do to make Daytona Beach safer for all of its citizens and visitors? I want to know if I can come back to a safe environment in the future? I want to know if the beaches are going to be patrolled regularly at night? I want to know if there is going to be an enforced curfew for teenagers? I want to know what is going to be done? I want people to know the horrible injustices that are happening in their own city, so they can make a difference. I want people to be informed and educated. I want people to know that prejudice, homophobia, and violence is intolerable and unacceptable. I want an apology. I want people to know that some Daytona Beach teenagers beat up three, non-threatening, queer college students on Friday, April 29, 2005. I want people to know that it was one of the best nights of our life, and if it wasn't for the unfortunate change in events, it would have remained that way.

- A Human Being Like You

9th April 2005

7:22pm: Art Show Info
For more infor on the Art Show go here:
7:19pm: Art Show
Bring a pillowcase for admission to the art show! Forgot to mention it. It's for Don't Skirt the Issue.
5:20pm: Art Show
Art Show
The Art of Women
Winter Park
Austin Coffee
April 16th
7:00 pm

Be There.

On Tuesday March 29, 2005 Florida students were denied safe schools. The Student Safety and Campus
Violence Prevention Act (formerly the Dignity for All Students Act) would have banned ALL forms of
bias-based harassment and violence in our schools and provided the trainings and programming
necessary to create safe learning environments for all students and teachers. Much of the bigoted
opposition to the bill was generated because of its inclusion of sexual orientation and gender among
its protected categories (including race, religion, ethnicity, sex, national origin, age, mental or
physical ability). This year students from around the state lobbied their representatives in Tallahassee
and achieved unprecedented levels of bipartisan support for the bill.

However, in its first committee hearing Rep. Ralph Arza, motivated by hate, forced the vote while one of
the bill’s supporters was out of the room otherwise we would have won with a 5 to 4 majority.
In that moment Florida’s students were robbed of their education, their safety, and their dignity!
As Florida’s students we will not be silent as our government continues to ignore our needs,
forcing us to be vulnerable to discrimination, harassment, intimidation, and violence in the very
buildings in which we are expected to learn, grow, and one day lead this country.

So we are taking action…

An informal collective of Pinellas County high school students and allies will be staging a “die-in”
(using make-up and props to appear as victims of bigotry) to display the realities of school violence,
demand safe schools legislation, and hold those politicians accountable who choose to oppose our well-being.

We beg you to join us in a show of solidarity for peace and justice in education.

When: Wednesday April 13, 2005 from 3:15 to 4:30 pm

We expect press to attend between 3:30 and 4:30. Our statement of protest will be read aloud at 3:45 and 4:15
and student speakers will tell their personal testimonies of school harassment to reporters.

Where: North Straub Park (in the small pavilion near the Vinoy Resort in downtown St. Pete
near the waterfront, the pavilion is in the park between 4th Ave NE and 5th Ave NE along
Beach Drive NE)

We are asking those who join us to act as mourners giving silent witness to the death of
safe schools in Florida.

Please wear black or other appropriate mourner attire. Feel free to bring flowers, candles, prayer beads, etc.

for further information contact: Rick Robertson,

“How wonderful it is that nobody need wait a single moment
before starting to improve the world.”- Anne Frank

31st March 2005

5:43pm: What's up Bitches?
Hey! I thought I would write a little sumtin' sumtin' because I was told that I should. I'm still in Orlando. Moving when I graduate. I'm single again! It's okay. Got shit to do though, last semester and finishing up thesis. Slept all day today. Loved it! So don't expect many LJ updates.

3rd August 2004

6:48pm: So Much Fun
Hung out with Ricky last night. Went to dinner with his dad which was a crazy experience. Talked about Queer Eye for the Dead guy and babies babies everywhere. Then we cleaned since Ricky's friend is coming down from NYC. We took a trip to walmart where we discussed his grandma's shower head in relation to sex. Ricky also said "troll" while on the phone. It was hilarious and I almost died while making crazy brownies with olive oil. Never drinking again. Even though I never have a headache or hangover, it makes me depressed. And that is vomitile because I am never ever depressed.

17th July 2004

1:16am: Hay'ay
Someone called me white trash at Southern last night. Some ugly boy hanging out with my Jeremy. YUCK! Before that some guy Josh knew said I was hot and must have 4 boyfriends. I told him I didn't have any and prefer to be single. When I left there was a number on my car. Robert from Winston Salem. I called, and it was disgusting. I hope that wasn't long distance on my phone. Because that would suck. I don't want to have a high phone bill. Yuck, I just got a sick feeling in my stomach. It was long (and disturbing) conversation. GROSS.
Anyways, I had fun. Josh was way super fun. Jeremy was fun. Scott was fun. Megan was fun. John was fun. Gno was fun. Who else was there? Hmm don't remember. Ohh Tony was fun. That black guy with the green eyes was fun (I forgot his name, but he was cute and funny). Ummm..... I think that is all. Martina was fun even though I didn't really talk to her. I saw her a couple times. She's pretty and cute. Who else? Hmm, don't know don't care to think about it any more. Saw that Sammy guy. Have nothing to say about that.
Went to wal-mart, vitaminshoppe, petco, overspent. Time to finish Beautician and the beast.

14th July 2004

5:47pm: Thank God
I can't believe it was that close! I am sooo glad the amendment didn't pass, although it was a little too close for comfort. 50-48???? Uhhh Whaaaaat?!!!! So yeah, I don't post much on here, but I thought such a victory should be shared. It's times like these that make life worth living. I love Death Becomes Her.

19th June 2004

1:46am: My mom was a certified reiki practitioner by the way.
1:43am: Decision Made
I made a decision today. Actually last night while driving with Ricky. I am going to become a certified Reiki practitioner and maybe a master. Fasten youe seatbelts kids, it's going to be a bumpy night.

St. Pete has been fun. Bought some "healing" crystals today for way too much money. But I needed them and I feel better.

12th June 2004

11:33am: Went to the movies to see Stepford Wives. Megan came down and Steph came up. We had such a good time. I wrote down tons of quotes that Steph and Meg said that no one would understand if I posted. So I am not even going to bother. I saw Jesus at the movie theater and introduced him as Jesus instead of Hey-Zues. But I like to say Jesus. Afterwards we drove around and stopped to see Lionel and had a little accident. He came down, but I thought he wasn't going to and we drove off (but after waiting like 15 minutes). Partially cuz Steph didn't like being in the ghetto and told me to leave and that he wasn't coming down. I bought him two books. 2 MORE BOOKS! I don't know why I buy him things. Especially when he tells me he doesn't want anything. I guess I'm just as stubborn as he is. Just came back from walking the dogs.

10th June 2004

7:17pm: What's Up?
Well, I guess I will start using Livejournal again. However, infrequently as I have my own private journal on my computer. Today was really boring. All I did was clean my house and do laundry. I took an awesome bath with rose petals, lavender, and chamomile flowers. It was awesome. I don't have a car cuz it is getting fixed. I won't get it until tomorrow. BOOOO! James and Dan were supposed to call me and pick me up and do something with me, but I can't get in touch with them and I haven't heard from any of them. :(

23rd February 2004

1:46pm: I Hate This Honors Retard
I was making copies to pass out to my class, and this loser bitch guy came up to me and told me "You can't make copies in here." And I was like, "Whatever" and he opened the paper tray while my shit was printing. Asshole fuck! It wasn't like it was personal stuff, it is for class. Then the girl came up to me and said "Next time you just don't do it." And I was like, "God, like it is a big deal, I don't care, it's for an honors class, this is stupid." I'm not going to pay for copies. That is why I am in the honors college and that is why I work harder. So fuck that shit. The girl was at least nice about it. I like her, but the guy was a total loser dick. I can't beleive he opened the printer so my documents wouldn't print. He's going to hell. Anyways, I don't think I am going to write in here as much about my daily doings because of two reasons, 1. I do not have a lot of the time, and 2. I have done it for like years already and I am getting kinda bored of it. I do like the idea of looking back and seeing in detail what I have done each day, but it is a lot of effort, so I think this is going to be more of a weekly thing, than a daily thing. Anastasios got me some raspberry Lindt truffles. We are going to go to Key West for spring break. My dad said he would pay for a hotel for two nights. I want to go snorkeling really bad. So much stuff to do this week, I have to read all this shit, I have to fucking do a midterm essay, and an exam on thursday. I have to do a presentation in like 20 minutes, but I have to read this article first, I should read the syllabus to see if I have to write a summary on it. I hope I don't. School is such bullshit and such a waste of time. It should all be on-line and condensed so you don't have to deal with people and their bullshit. Okay. Peace, Love, and Harmony.

13th February 2004

11:22am: My hair is fried like Church's Chicken
Petey is so annoying. He has been skwarking ever since 8 am! I like to sleep in, especially when I don't go to bed until 3 am. Next time my dogs start barking in the middle of the night, I am just going to let them to see how she feels. I can't deal with that fucking bird anymore! That is not fair! I'm hungry and want a cup of tea. I bought a new tea kettle since my other one got all tore up. Talking to Jen and Melina via IM now. Still in the process of making the book for tomorrow.
12:19am: Duh
The whole point of posting that journal was to say that I just love my new hair color. At first, I thought it was like greenish or something, but I like it. I am trying to do something different. Just use conditioner and not shampoo, at least for a week. I'm only going to use shampoo once a week. And conditioner everyday. I bought all sorts of different conditioners today. The Cholesterol Deep Conditioner with Aloe is the best treatment ever. I left it on my hair for like an hour and sat under the dryer for about 30 minutes. Even though I know I have a tumor forming in there, it was worth it cuz my hair came out looking super cute today. I went driving downtown with my locks and I went to 7-Eleven. My hair always looks best after I sleep in it.
12:16am: Found out some things
Found out some things. Had a dream last night that Anastasios and I were like secret agents and we were rescuing Mariah Carey. It was more like a James Bond movie. And we kissed, except his lips were too big and they got in the way. LOL. Anyways, I'm almost done with his book. I had doubts about giving it to him, but.... well I've been working on it for the past like 3 weeks. So I have to give it. GAYS SHOULD BE GIVEN ALL THE BENEFITS THAT STRAIGHTS GET (REGARDING MARRIAGE). BUSH SUCKS!

11th February 2004

3:39pm: New Hair Color
I woke up with my new hair color, and all my hairs still intact. The house was still intact as well (I'm still surprised I saved it from the burning toaster oven). I woke up, thought about messaging Stash, then he messaged me, I replied, looked over to see what this strange smell was and saw some bodily object from the dogs laying next to me, and all these stains on my blanket. Thank god it didn't get on my new sheets. I threw it in the washer. Only to then notice my cat puked all on her litter mat. So it could have been her. I then got all ready, went to the grocery store, bought a bunch of veggies. I came home, Kathy called me and we talked about Nicole almost burning the house down (she was asking me all these questions and Nicole was right there, so I couldn't say much). It was really funny. Anyways, I told Kathy on the phone in my room that I was going to get a normal toaster like normal people which aren't fire hazards instead of a toaster oven. I walk out and Nicole already bought a fucking toaster oven. I was like "SHIIIIIT!" SO now I am buying a fire extinguisher and putting it on top of the fridge. I spent the remainder of my day, thinking of where the best place to put it would be. I can't get a hold of Ricky. I am making my book for Stash still. Page by page. It's really cute. I love it. I don't know what to do with my hair. I keep thinking it is nappy, but when I look at the people's hair around me, mine's not that bad, considering that I dyed it every 2 weeks for 6 months and then dyed it again last night. Ewe.... this guy in front of me has livejournal. I don't know what his screen name is cuz I can't see it from this far, but he has some blue icon. I thought most of the livejournal people were emo, not dorky. I guess I was wrong. All different types. My No Doubt CD that I burnt today doesn't work in my CD player either. I was way pissed because I forgot how good that song "Excuse Me Mr." was. I drove with the top down too. I think my new hair color looks kinda sexy. I haven't seen a photo of me with it though, so I don't really know. You never really know until that happens. Then you want to leap for joy or shoot yourself. Either way I am stuck with it cuz it is as close to my natural color as I am going to get via a bottle. And I'm going to stop the dying cycle now because I end up like one of those middle aged women with fried hair that looks like straw (like this woman I saw in Publix today). I forgot to get carrots.
Okay, I have a question......... Is it true love, if you are in love and the other person isn't? But it's not like the other person doesn't like you.... It's just that.... they have some sort of issues... not major issues... they just got out of a long term relationship or something... and need time or something... to get over it or something... Even though that has nothing to do with you... it's just as an excuse... and is that an excuse because there is nothing there, or an excuse because of fear or a future relationship going sour? Is it also love at first sight if you saw them, and they didn't really see you...... and only you know.... that's sad... like when you are the only one who knows when the relationship is over... but.... maybe they know too.... seems like they know something is up.... Hmmmmm..... I don't know..... I feel like Blondie even though I'm technically not blonde n e more. "I love to love you baby" It's so true. Like no matter what. I just love to love you baby baby, love to love you, baby baby, love to love you love to love.

PS. Remind me to ask Babs a question. Ohh god, retards behind me are talking about "I heard that if you die in your dream, you die in real life because your body thinks ur dead." If I had a dollar for everytime I died in a dream, I would be a rich dead man. Maybe I am dead. And this is like the Sixth Sense. Or maybe they are just retarded.

10th February 2004

9:34pm: ALmost Died
Nicole almost burnt down the house with her toaster oven trying to cook nachos, and I almost burnt my face off when a huge ball of fire shot out at me as I was trying to put it out. I need to purchase a fire extinguisher ASAP. NEVER LEAVE THE KITCHEN WHEN YOU ARE COOKING SOMETHING! That is the new rule. I should make a painting of it and hang it on the wall. Speaking of arts and crafts, I am making Anastasios a book. He doesn't know yet. I told him I was going to buy him a book from this Tibetan guy who travels all around the world and only comes here once a decade to sell what he finds. And I said I was going to buy a book for him from this traveler. I'm going to take it to work so he can open it. Happy Birthday to Megan.
10:44am: God
I had another dream involving Carrie's mom and Kevin. I always thought Carrie's mom was hot, but I don't think this has anything to do with it. Anyways, Kevin and his whole family (and girlfriend) were like off to North Carolina, and I was doing back hand springs and front hand springs and flips and shit (I could do them really well). Carrie was a gymnist and her mom would always help her. So she was helping me, and she went inside, and Carrie came out and showed me all the tricks and how she does them. So we were doing them. Back hand springs mainly. And I wanted to be a gymnist.
That was the jest of it. Anyways, I just called the China people. The girl had the MOST annoying VOICE! Like... Margaret Cho's impression of the girl who cleansed her colon. I just wanted to shoot myself. So they should be faxing the application to me so I can still go. Sooo stupid those people.

9th February 2004

12:07pm: Morning!
Went to St. Pete and hung out with Ricky! Endded up going cuz he couldn't ccome up here at last minute. Also went to Cocoa late Friday night with James and Lionel. Still ahve Lionel's sweater.
Had the weirdest dream just now. Kevin and I were off to Adventure Island, and we passed this new hotel that Kevin liked. So Pam, Kevin, and I decided to go swim in their pool.But like all these other people were there. Some that we knew (from the neighborhood, ie: Carrie's mom) and some other people that we didn't know but met who were tourists. So anyways, we are swimming around and talking, and all of a sudden there is this baby crying at the bottom of the pool. So I rescue it and prop it up, and it had a knife in its hands. I didn't know what to do with it. So I asked whose baby it was. And it was this blonde haired womans who didn't even know where her baby was and didn't care either. So I took the knife away and took the baby out of the pool and put it in it's stroller. Then Carrie's mom came up, there was this wonderful, beatiful black woman that Pam was talking to earlier that helped strap the baby in, and Carrie's mom made some comment to the mother about "Well, the baby wouldn't have a knife if there wasn't a nigger in the airplane." And I could tell the black woman was pissed, and I was pissed. So I went off, and told her she was ignorant. I was standing there. I felt my mom sitting beside me althought I couldn't see her. And I went off about how, she needs to watch what she says, she shouldn't be let out of the house, she offended me and probably the pretty black woman (who was putting on her black strappy sandals to leave.. she reminded me a lot of Suzi). And then Carrie's mom got all pissed off and told me to "Mind my own business" but in Italian. I knew what she said, but I don't know Italian, I just figured it out because of the way she said it, and right after she said it, Anastasios comes up from behind her, and stands behind me and goes "He doesn't speak Italian" all snottily. And she backed off and got the baby and left with the mother. Carrie's mom is a nice lady in real life, but I am thinking maybe had this dream because everyone in that neighborhood is prejudice.

6th February 2004

10:40am: Dream
I had this weird dream that I won an award at one of those big award shows for something. Oprah was the host, and after I got my little statue, everyone loved my speech and asked me to be the cohost. So I had to take my picture with all of these stars when they got their reward. It was very casual though. Oprah was the one taking the photos. Which were instantly developed. I had a comment about each one. One my head was shaped weird. Another one my roots looked horrible. The last one I took was with this rock star/actor who had long blonde nasty hair.
I woke up to Stash on my 600 ct sheets. Everyday is better than the one before. Last night I made crafts, wrote a story for Kathy, drove all around town, Finishing up the book now... going to watch Lucky BITCHES!
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